New Mexico Was Never Part of Texas

A History of Misleading Maps

“Mapa de los Estados Unidos de Méjico by John Disturnell, the 1847 map used during the negotiations of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
Texas Claimed Territory —
Louisiana Purchase — From Old Map File Manuscript and Annotated Maps of the United States and It’s Territories, 1790–1946. This item was created in 1903 and made available online by U.S. National Archives and Records Administration
Republic of Texas by William Home Lizars, 1836

Meanwhile, in New Mexico.

While New Mexico and Texas had little direct interaction before the 1841 Texan-Santa Fe Expedition, the two shared similar histories before the Mexican period. Both were poor, sparsely populated provinces of Spain in the New World, contributing little to the coffers of the Spanish King but serving as buffers against other European incursions in North America.

The Mexican-American War

President James K. Polk wanted a war with Mexico.

William H. Emory’s 1844 Map of Texas and the Countries Adjacent
“Conquest of New Mexico”, an engraving of General Kearney proclaiming New Mexico part of the United States, Plaza, Las Vegas, New Mexico, 15 August 1846.

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